How to remove tree stumps

by 1300treelop on October 3, 2013

Tree Stump RemovalWhile tree lopping may initially seem quite simple – many tree loppers will just chop up the tree – mulch the branches and the job is considered finished. This can leave logs (good firewood) and a possibly large stump (not so good).

Stumps are bad OK

While it might seem alright to leave a stump sitting in the yard until it rots over coming years it will soon become apparent that stumps are a real pain to have. The stumps can attract termites – their job is to eat dead wood, and in the process of eating the large stump they will almost certainly follow the roots from the stump, though the ground and possibly into your foundations. Stumps are also serious trip hazards, unsightly and make mowing and edging complex. But how do you get rid of it and not pay the earth or kill your back trying to dig it out?

How to remove a tree stump using fire and a 44 gallon drum.

The drum contains and focusses the fire and creates an updraft that intensifies the fire. Best done on a windy day – the wind can be channelled into the base of the barrel as well to increase the updraft.

Some drawbacks of stump removal with fire.

Many councils and neighbours in suburban areas will not be happy with using fire to remove stumps. There may also be issues with fire bans and classification as a pile burn – perhaps if you put a grill plate over the top of it you could say its a barbeque : )
This technique also requires quite a bit of time to burn its way through the stump and may take many hours to do the job. Fire is not something you want to keep unattended so ensure the stump is as exposed and chopped up with a chainsaw as possible – the more surface area you expose the faster the fire will work.

Stump grinding tree stump removal

By far the fastest and easiest way to remove the sump is with a stump grinder – its like a bunch of chisel heads on a large wheel that cuts into the stump at high speed and “grinds” it into small pieces of wood mulch. Its also will dig well under the ground reducing the stump to well below the surface so you can cover it and grow things on top immediately after.

Sydney Stump grinding quote

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