Tree Removal Sydney – A How To Guide

by 1300treelop on August 28, 2013

Tree Removal SydneyTree removal generally becomes an issue when a tree becomes potentially dangerous because it is dead, dying or diseased or infested with some kind of pest. Some tree species are exempt from council rules – but generally trees can only be pruned by 10% per year and not removed without council consent.

The removal is most easily justified if the tree presents a danger or interferes with structures – removal of trees to enhance views or stop them creating mess or minor damage is generally refused.

The best way to find out the rules and the process to get the ball rolling on a tree removal is via the local councils website, where comprehensive documentation is available. Calling 1300treelop can also help in the process as we are aware of the local processes across Sydney can advise as to the steps involved.

Tree removal – What is defined as a “tree”

A tree is, any plant whether native, endemic, exotic or introduced species where the
i) Height exceeds three (3.0) metres, or
ii) Trunk, bole or branch girth exceeds 0.5 metres or which has a combined girth or each of two or more trunks or boles exceeding 0.5 metres, or
iii) Branch canopy width exceeds five (5.0) metres, or
iv) Is not a plant declared to be a noxious weed under the Noxious Weeds Act 1993

Some trees may be in an exempt list which is well worth checking over as the list can be fairly extensive. Another thing to check is if the tree is a noxious weed (Like Jacaranda, some pines etc) as this may make the removal of some trees easier.

How to remove a tree

Once the appropriate permission is granted the job of the tree removal can start. If you have a chainsaw and the tree is not in a dangerous position it can be possible to cut a V in the trunk in the direction you wish the tree to fall and fell and cut up the tree for disposal. Keep in mind that without the necessary experience or equipment the tree may choose to fall in a direction other than you intended – just have a look at YouTube and type in “tree fail” to see some spectacular examples of how not to cut down a tree.

How to dispose of the tree

Generally the tree will be cut into pieces just over a foot long for use as firewood and the branches and leaves fed into a wood chipper to be made into garden mulch. From a do it yourself perspective this part of the process can be incredibly time consuming and the sheer mass of the tree can be extremely difficult to dispose of.

How to get rid of the Tree Stump

Digging out a stump that is any bigger than a small tree can be very time consuming and hard work – but stumps can be unsightly, dangerous and attract termites if left above ground. The stump grinder is a large industrial sized machine that can grind the stump down to below ground level, effectively removing the bulk of the stump.

Best way to remove a tree?

If you are in Sydney then without a doubt your best first step is to call 1300treelop and arrange an estimate on your tree removal. There are some things is makes no sense to do yourself (from both a cost and safety perspective) and for the most part Tree Removal is one of those things – so give us a call or email below, we are here to help.

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